Our School & Instructors


Our training academy offers more than just an education: One Breath is a full spectrum experience, firmly rooted in a culture of care. Every student who enters our program can expect to come away 110% prepared to thrive in the real world of healthcare. 

We know how important your career is, and we know you have options, so here at One Breath, we offer more than any other program-- we give you the best.

We make sure each and every student is supported and connected with their teachers and classmates, confident in the material they learn in class, properly trained and experienced in providing hands-on care, and fully certified as a CNA in the state of Georgia their with BLS (basic life support) and HeartSaver (first aid and CPR) credentials. Upon graduation from our program, students are ready for the workforce with a resume, interview experience, and job connections with trusted local facilities. 

 Our Instructors

Students love learning from our teachers because of their understanding, compassionate, and good-humored approach to life, education, and care-taking.

You won't just receive an education from our instructors; you will gain valuable insight, make friends, build your professional network, and have mentors supporting your success as a student and beyond. Meet your teachers--

Wil Fletcher

Wil Fletcher (LPN) is our primary CNA teacher. Prior to opening One Breath, Wil worked for many years as a nurse in a variety of different healthcare settings; he brings a wealth of experience to the classroom and has countless stories to share with each class. Wil is passionate about eldercare and believes there is nothing more valuable and humanizing than to be involved in the lives of those who are in their final years. He is a dynamic teacher and a warm soul who can't help but crack a joke when the opportunity presents itself.

Wil is best known for his fun-loving personality, laughter, real-talk, and passion for helping others. Outside of the classroom, Wil is a man of many creative aspirations and talents; he enjoys photography, writing, designing, and working on his many entrepreneurial endeavors. 

 Kiarra Trammell 

Kiarra Trammell is our primary CPR instructor and our CNA career advisor. Kiarra's background as a lifestyle coach and professional mentor brings a sense of empowerment to our classroom. Her deep understanding of the unique challenges and emotional needs of people in a state of change makes Kiarra shine not only as an educator, but as a source of encouragement for anyone pursuing further education or a career change. She is a powerhouse of inspiration and we are so lucky to have her on our team!

Outside of her involvement at One Breath, Kiarra is a champion of women; she is the founder of Sisterhood Of Queens LLC, & Encourage H.E.R. Academy Inc, where she works to assist women and young girls evolving into the best version of themselves. Kiarra is passionate about helping disadvantaged people break through obstacles holding them back in life.