Georgia Nurse Aide Handbook (NNAAP)
Georgia Nurse Aide Handbook (NNAAP)

Georgia Nurse Aide Handbook (NNAAP)

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In this booklet, you will find all of the information relevant to both the live demonstration and written portions of the state certification exam which you will  need to pass in order to become a Georgia CNA. It will familiarize you with the state testing process, the grading procedures, what to expect on exam day, etc.

Most importantly, this guidebook contains each "Activity for Daily Living" (ADL) skill in the proper order for safe and sterile care of residents and/or patients in your work as a CNA. Each skill is broken down step-by-step, with the most crucial steps in bold.

In class, we will learn a few new skills each day and practice performing them on medical manikins and fellow classmates until every student has mastered the skill successfully. Each day we will have time to practice previously-learned skills; using the handbook will help you to be prepared for your state exam.