‘From Student To Teacher’ by Wil Fletcher

‘From Student To Teacher’ by Wil Fletcher

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Have you ever wondered what sets some people apart from the crowd?  What does it mean to have a calling? Are big risks truly worth their rewards?  Do you have what it takes to create your own success?

With refreshing honesty, first-time author and long-time entrepreneur, Wil Fletcher explores the reality behind making dreams come true, and describes how goals you initially set for yourself aren't always the roads that lead to overall success and satisfaction in your life!

Budding entrepreneurs and successful individuals alike, gain a sense of perspective and motivation from this informative yet inspirational, autobiography.  Join the author as he looks back on all his missteps, second-guesses and, key make-or-break moments, and how those invaluable lessons along his journey, helped him rise through the ranks of the healthcare industry.  From a disenfranchised student cna, all the way up to a CEO and owner of a successful business in the nursing field, Wil has endless insight, advice, encouragement, and humility to share with his readers.

If you have ever felt like you were stuck but was unsure how to navigate out of that rut, this is the book for you.

What if, all this time, you've been your own dark horse candidate?  What if the only thing missing from your success story is the guts to come out the shadows and throw your hat in the ring?  Let Wil show you how to go from student to teacher in your own life.


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